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The Advantage Of Push Rod Type Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace

Release time:2022-07-16

Push Rod Type Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace is the furnace used to quenching and tempering for grinding balls. The capacity from 10 ton/ day to 35 ton/day. It has electric type and natural gas type.


The Advantage Of Push Rod Type Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace

●The furnace has two zones.Setting up temperature test holes to test inner temperature of the furnace.

●Fiber insulation cotton in the inner wall of the furnace.These special design makes heat preservation improve 1-2

times compared with other quenching furnace.

●It has 10cm from resistance wire to the bottom of the furnace,which can collect oxide skin together.This avoids short out phenomenon.

●Special structure of resistance wire,it will not affect the capacity when changing the bottom resistance wire

●The furnace adopts bottom energy-saving plate.This improves the heat dissipation of heating element and prolongs its life.

●Resistance wire:purchase from Shanghai.The material is 0Cr27Ai7Mo2.The temperature resistance is 1400℃

●Under the condition of normal operation,the heat resistant steel inside the furnace is one year warranty.


Electrical Control System Of Push Rod Type Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace

●power control:Adopt bidirectional controlled silicon PID to adjust to control power.High precision temperature control.

●temperature control:Adopt dual screen PID to adjust temperature controller independently and equip with human-computer interface.

●PLC adopts from Omron brand.Electric parts brands from Delixi,China,etc.

●the whole furnace is controlled by PLC,adopting combination of centralized and decentralized control.Touching screen,malfunction alarm and malfunction checking.

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