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  • How To Choose Production Ways For 40mm Balls


    There are mainly two types of grinding ball production in China by manual ways. One is alloy sand box, the other is metal mold. Alloy sand box is suitable for balls from diameter 10mm to 40mm, metal mold is for balls from diameter 40mm to 150mm. For alloy sand box, the advantage is high production. For metal mold, the advantage of balls is high quality. So how can we choose for balls 40mm production. If wanna high harness and better quality, 40mm steel ball metal molds are recommended.

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  • Casting Grinding Media Balls Type


    Grinding Media Balls size: dia20mm to dia130mm(grinding balls); dia20mm*20mm-dia50mm*60mm (grinding cylpebs) Product material and hardness distribution (Initial HRC48-55, after use HRC54-62); impact value: ≥10J/cm2 Micro-structure: B+M+A+C; broken rate: ≤5%; Balls falling times≥15000times (6meter distance)

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  • How to produce high quality grinding balls.


    How to produce high quality grinding balls. In grinding ball production process, every steps are very important. As we know, raw material is also very important. Here, Dexin mainly introduces grinding ball production equipment.

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  • Heat Treatment Plant For Grinding Ball Quenching


    Grinding balls are used in mining operations. Here mainly introduces cast grinding balls. Cast steel balls are used to grind run of mine coarse materials in a ball mill. The balls' size can be from 10mm to 150mm and these balls are produced by metal scrap, ferrochrome and other alloy elements. In grinding ball production, it is easy to get the same chemical composition, but it is hard to get the hardness. Heat treatment cycle including quenching and tempering.

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  • Advantage Of Using The Automatic Grinding Media Balls Production Line


    As the foundry development and now, more and more manufacturers choose automatic grinding media ball production line to produce casting grinding balls​. But why they want to choose the balls production line instead of the manual method? Here is the detailed analysis.

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  • Technological progress and development of grinding media balls production equipment


    In 2009, our company developed the first DX-80-130 semi-automatic grinding ball casting production line to solve the technical problems such as heavy labor intensity, bad working environment, low production efficiency and unstable quality of large diameter ball-casting. The line adopts metal mould, sodium silicate clay sand and artificial fixed-point mould, which can realize automatic circulation, automatic closing and automatic opening of mould. It is suitable for the production of large-size grinding balls over 80mm.

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