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grinding ball molding line manufacturer

grinding ball molding line manufacturer

multi combination iron mould sand production line double specification 656 * 656   

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Brief Introduction

Automatic casting grinding balls making machine consists of casting line, metal molds online, and pouring line.

The casting line includes a sand shooting machine, cooling & heating device, motorized roller table, and casting pick-up device, molds opening device, and vibrating molds cleaning device.

The pouring line includes a pouring machine. This machine can be an automatic pouring machine or a manual operating machine. Depends on the client’s choice. Tea-type pouring ladle helps pour more pure liquid iron into the metal molds to form better quality of the balls.

The metal molds can be machined into different sizes of the balls, balls sizes from dia30-120mm. The technology adopts the chilling process. The hot liquid iron is poured into the metal molds and cooling at a faster speed so that to ensure the ball’s inner structure is finer.

Compared with the other type of the process to producing grinding balls, metal molds types produced balls have stable and better characteristics on balls weight, microstructure, falling times, and impact value.

In China, automatic casting grinding balls making machines occupied about over 90% market share. The top 10 grinding balls manufacturing foundries in China all have purchased this machine from us.

Reliable quality, proven technology, over 20 years of working experience. Dexin products are worth your purchase.

The Working Processing Of Automatic Casting Grinding Ball

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