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How To Use High Chrome Grinding Media Ball Mold

Release time:2022-07-16

How To Use High Chrome Grinding Media  Ball Mold 

  1. Put the mold in order. The locating pin and handle hole is arranged in one direction to easy operation. 

  1. Heat mold is a necessary proce for new mod. There are three ways about heating mold which are by molten iron, by car-type furnace and spray gun baking. Here Dexin mainly introduces the detail way by molten iron.

  2. How to heat the mold by molten iron?

   3.1: Moulding the top and bottom mold first. Then laying flat.


   3.2: Do not make pouring gate for top and bottom mold. In norma production, It is necessary to have pouring gate.


   3.3: Spraying acetylene fume in the ball core.


   3.4: Put little dry sand in the ball core


   3.5: When the molten liquid arrives in 1400 , then pouring into the ball core in batches. It will pouring four times. The first time amount of molten liquid is 1/6 of ball core. The second time                      amount is 1/6, the third time is still 1/6, pouring the whole ball core in the fourth time. For example, one worker handle 10 pairs 


   3.6: Molding by using the afterheat of mold.

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