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Temperature Requirement For Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace

Release time:2022-03-16

Temperature Requirement For Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace

Temperature setting in each temperature zone for oil quenching production line


Temperature range in low temperature

Temperature range in  middle temperature

Temperature range in high temperature

Cr10 ball or bar




Explanation: If the temperature range of medium temperature zone and high temperature zone exceeds the above stipulated temperature range, it will be regarded as running temperature or falling temperature; if falling temperature, equipment failure, power failure and other reasons must be kept in accordance with the following stipulations to keep temperature: when the temperature is greater than 650 C, its temperature will be raised to the technical stipulated range of holding for half an hour before quenching (for 80mm above ball should hold warm 1 hour before quenching). When the temperature is less than 650 degrees, the first time heat treatment process will be carried out again.


When the heat treatment production line is in normal production, it is necessary to supervise and check the temperature of each line from time to time. Workers should check the temperature control points with infrared thermometer, and the abnormal situation should be timely feedback.

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